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  the most popular baby names in 2022

  1.2022新生儿爆款名字 the most popular baby names in 2022





  In 2022,the most popular first name for baby boys was Yuxuan(宇轩),while Xinyue(心玥)was favored by most parents as a baby girl's name,according to data released by the Foshan Municipal Public Security Bureau in Guangdong.

  There are 199 kids whose first names are a combination of both their father's and mother's surnames in 2022.

  the best overall diet in 2023

  2.2023年最佳饮食法 the best overall diet in 2023


  近日,《美国新闻与世界报道》(US News&World Report)宣布了其2023年最佳饮食榜单,地中海饮食法(Mediterranean diet)第六次连任了“最佳饮食法”的称呼。


  For the sixth year in a row,the Mediterranean style of eating earned the title of best overall diet,according to 2023 ratings announced Tuesday by US News&World Report.

  The diet features simple,plant-based cooking,with the majority of each meal focused on fruits and vegetables,whole grains,beans and seeds,with a few nuts and a heavy emphasis on extra-virgin olive oil.

  Yao-Chinese Folktales

  3.《中国奇谭》Yao-Chinese Folktales


  2023年刚开年,国产剧集就迎来了第一部高口碑爆款剧。由上海美术影戏制片厂和哔哩哔哩联合出品的中式奇幻动画短片集《中国奇谭》(Yao-Chinese Folktales)刚播出两集,就让网友欢喜了。



  An animated series featuring monster-like characters,or yao in Chinese,has won praise online for adopting traditional Chinese culture and aesthetics in its animation and storytelling in a way that has resonated with many.

  Jointly produced by Shanghai Animated Film Studio and streaming site Bilibili,“Yao-Chinese Folktales”has garnered over 26 million views and got a score of 9.6 out of 10 on rating site Douban since it aired last Sunday.

  Kevin McCarthy was elected as Speaker of the House of Representatives

  4.麦卡锡中选美国会众议院议长 Kevin McCarthy was elected as Speaker of the House of Representatives





  The US House of Representatives elected Congressman Kevin McCarthy as speaker early Saturday morning after a historic deadlock that kept the lower chamber from being fully functional days after the new Congress convened.

  McCarthy,a California Republican,clinched enough votes to become House speaker in the 15th round of voting--the longest contest in 164 years--after a bitter fight with a group of hardline conservatives and 14 failed ballots.

  US President Joe Biden,a Democrat,said earlier this week that it is"embarrassing for the country"not to have a fully functional Congress,the legislature of the federal government.

  文字|节选自China Daily


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